World Of Tarot offers Tarot cards and games, tarot fashion and various tarot products invented, designed and written by Londa R. Marks

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Tarot Merchandise & Tarot Readings


World Of Tarot offers tarot designs by Londa R. Marks, artist/author of 13 tarot decks published by Alchemist Publishing and U.S.Games Systems.


The art of writing codes or solving codes is cryptography. It is the underlying nature of technology, art & music and is included in the products offered by World Of Tarot and all products published by Alchemist Publishing LLC.


World Of Tarot Products are published by Alchemist Publishing LLC through ISSUU, the world’s largest electronic publishing and discovery platform for magazines, catalogs, newspapers, and other publications and registered with R.R. Bowker LLC., based in New Providence, New Jersey, and incorporated in Delaware, an exclusive agent for issuing International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) for works to the book trade, including publishers, booksellers, libraries, and individuals; its roots in the industry trace back to 1868.